4 Reasons to Check Out Mammoth Properties

March 09th, 2018

You're sitting at your desk, miles into your Facebook scrolling. You're imagining anywhere else you could go that's better than here. Somewhere you can run away to for a weekend or for good. Maybe Tahoe. Spoilers: Mammoth properties are better.

Just ask the 2 million people who visit Mammoth every year.

If you're looking to move (why vacation for a weekend when you could vacation forever) keep reading to find out what those 2 million people are so hyped about. Because your real home can also feel like a vacation.

1. A Better Ski Season

Oh, come on. You were totally dreaming the powder on your doughnut was snow on a mountain. Way more fun than the water cooler.

Mammoth Lakes has plenty to spare. 30 feet, in fact (not all at once.) This makes it prime real estate for skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and other wintry sports.

Or observing the winter wonderland from in front of a fireplace with hot cocoa. Your call.

You'll have plenty of time to do both - Mammoth Lakes is one of those places where it always seems to be winter. And with an 11,053-foot peak, you won't run out of mountain either.

2. An Overabundance of Spas

If the slopes aren't your speed, you can always unwind at one of the local spas.

Yes, spas plural. There's enough to make a constellation.

Spas, along with massage boutiques and local masseuses in the area offer a full menu of services, from facials to massages. There's even outdoor yoga (not necessarily in the dead of winter, of course.)

Then again, maybe you're one of those people who hate spas. Or massages. Or yoga. Or life in general. That's fine. Be a pessimist. There's something for you here too.

3. Activities You Won't Find Anywhere Else

So you're not a skiing/snowboarding person, and you're not a spa person either. That's fine. Live your best life. Live it in Mammoth Lakes, there's something here for you too.

In fact, there are plenty of things you can't do anywhere else. Like free naturalist tours of the mountain. Parks for tubing and tubing only. Ice climbing.

Or, for those who like nature without the nature-related physical activity, sightseeing. And oh, so many sights, so little time.

Mammoth Lakes is situated on one of the largest volcanic calderas in the world, second only to Yellowstone. We're talking granite domes, outcroppings of obsidian and white quartz, lava tubes, and more. All on the highest range in the continental United States.

Go see those mountains and be cynical about life. Just try.

4. The Village of Mammoth

Of course, nature isn't everything (just most things.) There's always the village of Mammoth Lakes. And what a town it is.

Foodies will be delighted by the cuisine ranging from Scandinavian to BBQ to sushi. And with all the friendly people, can you blame anyone for wanting to stay?

Oh, and there's a gondola. Did we mention there's a gondola? In the middle of town. So the slopes aren't even that far away from your morning coffee.

Like we said. Real life can feel like a vacation.

Ready for Mammoth Properties?

Not that we can blame you. You want in on Mammoth properties before those 2 million annual visitors get the right idea about sticking around for good.

You'll know you're getting the best, and not just in a new home. We're a family-owned real estate company, and we believe our true value isn't in the properties we sell - it's in the respect we earn from our clients, associates and even our competitors.

Ready to move to Mammoth Lakes? We're ready to help you get there. Get in touch with us today.